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Supasock is a new and innovative way to communicate any message on a vehicle. 

There are many opportunities for promotion: Advertising campaign messages, logos, football and rugby teams; in fact any sport or club or even national flags can be adapted to Supasock.


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Union Jack Supasock pack


Need any help? Call 01727 826 800 or email info@marketingshop.co.uk

Click Here to see the Supasock in action!

The Supasock has been developed specifically to fit on cars securely without damaging any surface and the patented (both Europe and USA) design ensures it is steady in flight.

Always make sure that you have cleaned the surface to be affixed to, before attaching the lever suction cup.

As with all suction cups it is recommended to check periodically or refit (eg once a week) to be sure the suction is adhering properly.

Trade enquiries welcome. Design facilities and advice available, subject to minimum quantities.

Supasock is a division of The Marketing Shop Ltd.