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Supasock is based on a windsock so it has stability in high winds or moving at speed. The material chosen is not affected by the wind or weather and will fly rain or shine plus the UV stable inks won't fade. 

Because it has stable flight it can display any message, flag or logo clearly.

The supasock has been developed specifically to fit on vehicles securely without damaging any surface.

There are two types of fitting:

1) The wing (bonnet or roof) fitting. This includes its own aerial and affixes with a proven lever suction cup so it will not damage your car's painted surface and stays on without having to take it off even when driving on a Motorway.

2) Wing mirror fitting. This has its own aerial plus a strong suction cup which fixes to the lower outside section of the flat glass of any wing mirror.

To purchase a Supasock click on a design from the left and choose the fitting on the following link. View the gallery page for inspiration.


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